Raising a Stray Cat – The Adoption.

Toutsie, an adopted stray kitten. 

My name is Toutsie, a female senior cat now, and her, Sophie, my adoptive mum. Ten and half years ago, my stray mother brought a tiny, clumsy little ball of about two weeks old in this house.

She knew this house. She told me that there were always food and water around, and it was nice and cool inside during those hot and sunny months. For sure, it was The place to be to grow up. It was in August, hot summer 2010 in Mykonos. For the next four months, my biological mother and I spend a lot of time together, from the morning until dawn. She feeds me, grooms me, and helps me in my first steps to human life. I always had as well extra food and water and toilets for myself. I am not a stray kitten anymore. I am adopted.

I wasn’t quite sure what this box full of sand stands for. I started to eat the litter sand. It was wrong, but nothing about worrying. Most of the kitties do the same. It’s not toxic. I smell around, still puzzled. My mum drops me into the box litter after the meal. Now, I understand the use of it perfectly. Even with a big garden, I always do my needs in that box. When I settle down in this house, I’ve heard that we will move to the mainland. I am not fond of the idea of sailing.

My first trip.

I was a bit nervous and shocked when Sophie took away my food. When you travel with a cat, make sure not to give any food about 6 hours before the trip and take the water away two hours before. It’s sound a bit cruel, but it will prevent your cat from releasing some unpleasant smell, especially if you take a boat, plane, or bus. In the car, no problem, it’s her propriety!

Once we were on the ship, some water and cuddles with a wet cloth. I loved that! She let me out of the box ( I hate that carriage!) on the deck but was on a leash. Some strange noise and other pets around might frighten me and make me run away. I make sure that I have enough fresh air and shadow, but it was a boring experience! – We wish you a pleasant trip! That was what I’ve overheard before leaving the island? I don’t see anything nice with this trip!

Here we are in Athens after 5 hours on that boat. I started feeling anxious to discover my new home, sweet home, I hope!

My first step in the city.

Here we are in a car! It was a long ride, and I fall asleep for a while on my new mum laps (she was not driving). As I peep out my nose through the window, I was surprised to see no more white houses by the sea under an immaculate blue sky but grey houses. From the port to the centre the road is not very attractive compared to the islands.

Finally, the car stopped, and I discover my new home. I check my territory sniffing around, and feel quite happy. I love the garden for myself (Almost).

After the long trip, my tummy started to growl. “Feed me, please, and I need some freshwater as well. Then, make sure to get my toilets ready.” I stressed so much on this trip and the unknown that I stay silent all day long. Fortunately, I can now ask whatever I want. My voice is back! It’s already dark out, but it’s time to stretch my legs in the garden. I wasn’t alone. A few strangers started to meow at me. To be on the safe side for the first night, I decided to go back home. I will take care of the garden tomorrow. Too tired today.

I’ve spotted a very cosy bed where I will get my beauty sleep. But first, I have to clean my paws.

The little fluffy ball grows up.

I am delighted to be with my Mum. I don’t care so much about where we live. Travelling by boat or plane is part of the routine as long as my mum stands by me, I am in heaven.

My mum and I will be giving you some advice about how a stray cat will become an adorable elderly house cat. And we will tell you some Greek stories and customs we experience every day.

I am only four months old. I have a lot to learn and discover. My four legged-mum is not here anymore to teach me life.

– What to eat, how and when, and to drink.

– The trip to the vet, the sterilization.

– the annual check-up – some injuries (that hurts)

– How to play and have fun alone or not.

The litter box problem.

– Travelling: before, during and after (Yesss, Freedom)

– Spring is here: time for allergies and losing my beautiful coat.

– My sleeping habits. (I love that part)


By now, I grew up as a senior cat, but I still feel young. I have fun, run in the garden and chase the uninvited cousins. I eat well and try to care about my diet. Am I fat? No, just a bit too fluffy. Sophie is looking after me so well that I became the Queen of the House! I often worry about my little fellows outside. A lot of them struggle for food and a place to keep warm. I might not always be nice to them, but I feel sad about the stray and feral cats out there. My mum feeds the ones around and display some boxes in the winter with old clothes. I will tell you more adventure about my feline friends and me.
Time for my nap. Again!

Toutsie and Sophie Vincent.